Home Insurance

This form of Insurance Policy is tailored to the needs of Individuals and Corporate bodies. The policy protects the home-owners against damages and losses that affect their property and belongings.

Motor Insurance

This form of Insurance policy covers Car Owners from potential financial risk. The policy provides financial security to the Policy holders against damages that may arise from accidents and other threats.

Life Insurance

This form of Insurance Policy guarantees payment of benefits to the insured after a period of time or the beneficiaries of the Insured upon death in exchange for paid premiums.

Health Insurance

This form of Insurance Policy provides whole or partial healthcare coverage for medical expenses incurred by the policy holder through the provision of healthcare services for the insured's medical condition.

We ensure we provide the best Insurance services for all our clients.

Why you need our services:

We at Axton Insurance Brokers Limited are committed to providing cost-effective brokering solutions amongst other value added services such as:

  • Risk improvement recommendations to clients
  • One-on-one informative sessions with clients on products and policies
  • Preliminary Risk Surveys
  • Liaising with Insurance providers and their Companies.
  • Insurance auxiliary services.

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