At Axton Insurance Brokers, our service operations and expertise span across various types of insurance policies.

As a broker we represent you!

  • We will help you cut through the red tape.
  • Your interests are always our priority.
  • We will navigate the intricacies of underwriting and claims processes on your behalf.
  • We have dedicated staff who understand the various risks and are ready to meet your insurance needs.

Why You Need Insurance:

There are a million reasons we all need insurance today. Insurance takes a lot of unknowns and concerns off your plate by providing:

  • Financial security
  • Peace of mind
  • Securing ones future
  • Emergency aid

Certain things are out of our control. UNFORSEEN LOSSES, UNEXPECTED EMERGENCIES; some of which will present a sudden and huge financial burden and interrupt our best laid plans. There is a need for Financial security to cover yourself from such losses which at some point could unavoidably happen.

Overview Of Our Services:

  • Consultancy and Risk Management Services at no extra costs.
  • Sourcing for Clients and placing Business with prudent underwriters.
  • Advising Clients about Insurance policies and current industry requirements.
  • Prioritizing Clients and their interests by the Company.
  • Handling claims on our Client’s behalf with our partners in the industry to ensure speedy settlement.
  • Provision of adequate solutions to Customers Risk profiles as required.
  • Increasing negotiation powers off Clients via our relatively large portfolio.

Let us help you TAKE CONTROL so you can live your life to the FULLEST!

No worries….we will help you select the best insurance cover that suits you, your family or corporate business with our affordable yet premium brokering services.

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